Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Have you thought about how much plastic waste is produced in a single day while on the road? Have you ever visited a fantastic destination and faced trash issues? We bet the answer is yes to all of the above. When we talk about conscious travel, we’re not advising against travelling. Instead, it’s about how to funnel travel plans with the given checklist below so that it benefits those who need it the most. ❤️

Pack Lightly

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Travel light, pack light, be light. Not only does travelling light decrease stress, but it also has a pretty significant environmental impact. Because the heavier your luggage, the more fuel is needed to haul your stuff.

Carry Reusable Products

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Now more than ever is the time to make eco-friendly choices. Get into the habit of carrying and using reusable containers like cotton bags, coffee mug, water bottles, utensils & straws.

Carry Napkin & Unpackaged Snacks

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Pack your travel snacks in collapsible silicone containers & consider carrying nuts, dry fruits, trail mix, crackers and homemade sandwiches.

Digitize Tickets

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Go paperless! We live in a digital world, so carrying e-tickets for hotel, flights & train tickets is a much easier practice. Prints are old school anyway.

Opt For Reusable Luggage Tags

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Always opt for reusable luggage tags, or make your own upcycled version at home ahead of time. Get creative with it! Just because you’re going zero-waste doesn’t mean you’re going zero-style.

Eco Proof Your Home

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Make sure your home isn't wasting energy while you're away. Make sure to unplug all your electronics-just, not your fridge or freezer-ensure all switches are off.

Say Goodbye to single use products

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Say goodbye to hotel freebies and toiletries that come in little plastic containers. Instead, carry your personal care products.

Commute Sustainably

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Green your commute with public transportation, cycling or walking options available at a destination. It puts out zero emissions, and you'll get an incredibly immersive travel experience – you never know what hidden gems you'll stumble.

Shop Local

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We all love exploring markets and foreign shopping marts, and it's fun to surprise loved ones with a token from your travels. When buying presents, strive to select products that local artisans make. You're supporting small business owners while simultaneously receiving a unique and authentic product.

Eat Local

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By eating local cuisine or organic food, you reduce your carbon emissions as your food doesn't have to travel far. It also means you're supporting local farmers and benefitting the local economy—Order à la carte instead of a buffet to avoid food waste.

Animal Friendly Travel

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Be an animal-friendly traveller. Say "no" to elephant rides, don't purchase souvenirs made from wild animals & don't attend festivals that subject animals to cruelty for entertainment.

Plant A Tree

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Offset your carbon footprint by getting involved in a tree planting scheme or donate to grassroots organisations working to protect the communities you visit and minimise the impact visitors have on places.

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