Chapter 4: IPL and Durga Puja Finale 2021- Same month, same time. Which one will you choose?

by Travelature Team

Is it easy to choose between ‘pani-puri’ and ‘gol-gappa’?
Is it easy to choose between ‘Virat Kohli’ and ‘Mahendra Singh Dhoni’?
Is it easy to choose between the finale of ‘Durga Puja’ and ‘IPL’?

Indian Premier League is a phenomenon that has not only commercialized Indian cricket but also rationalized the dreams of many Indian cricket fans. Their dream is to see their favourite players, from other nations, playing together instead of against each other.

Durga Puja is a cultural phenomenon that has been celebrated since time immemorial. The people, especially from North and East India wait with dying breaths for this part of the year where they can forget everything about their problems for a week. The ten days of Durga Puja is Mother nature’s own way of making us feel ‘human again’ as compared to the robotic simulations we are mostly in (like we wake up, we go to work, we eat and we sleep).

India is a land of many cultures, religions, Idols and beliefs. India is also the world’s largest democracy. Ironically, the culture that divides India also keeps it together, how?

India is a country where a Hindu gets excited for the biryani in his friend’s house during Eid,

India is a country where a Muslim bows down to Durga Maa and enjoys the ‘bhog’,

India is a country where we visit churches during Christmas irrespective of whether we visit them every Sunday or not.

All in all, India is indeed incredible.

If we ask you now, what connects India, what shall be your answer?

For us, it will be
Culture & Traditions

Let us know if you have some additions to this list. We always enjoy reading the emails of our readers.

It is 2021, a year of turmoil because of the pandemic. Indians are known to find joy among the bushes so we did struggle our way out through the pandemic. One of the things that makes this year bearable is the Indian Premier League, the IPL. It is no surprise that the popularity of IPL tops the popularity of various other leagues and no wonder why, every year, the idiot box brings every Indian family together for IPL. The finale of IPL is scheduled for October and it is coinciding with Durga Puja. This article is a question which is posed to our readers,

Is it going to be IPL or Is it going to be Durga Darshan?

MS Dhoni has retired from the Indian cricket team in all formats. Virat Kohli is also considering retirement in a few formats of cricket. IPL allows us to witness such legends again on the playground once in a decade. It helps us to cherish the adrenaline rush that we once felt when our favourite player whirls his bat and the balls touch the audience stands.

Durga puja also happens once a year. Those ten days of celebration where nobody wants to stay back home but interact, laugh and speak his/her heart all through the day and night. The school going nerds leave behind their books, the college-going love-birds leave behind ‘log kya kahengay’ and the ones incorporate leave behind checking the mails. This gets possible only during Durga Puja for those who worship ‘Maa’.

In this puja, when life has been too kind to us, it is getting difficult for our team to choose the best of the two. This article is for you and we want to know from your end regarding a possible solution to this dilemma. Our entire team will be waiting to hear from you. Do not hesitate to reach us through TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

Till then, we hope you are having a blast during the Durga Puja.

Content Curator & Creative Writer

Dr. Arindam Ballav

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