Dawn of Durga

When the Gods were not able to curb ‘Mahishasura’, they combined their strength to form Durga Maa. The story of Durga is not limited to the victory of good over evil. It is far deeper, metaphorical and symbolic in its approach.
Durga Maa is a symbol of Hope. More importantly, Durga Maa reminds us about the potential of a woman. The entire team of Travelature™ is happy to present you with a new segment. A segment that takes its inspirations from the folk-tales, cultures and traditions of Durga Maa and converts into various chapters for one single story-telling segment.
Join us on our journey where we glorify the power of every Woman in this world. The story of Durga Maa is not only about the victory of evil over good. We are going to explore the other side of the story of Durga Maa. The occasion of Durga Puja is one of the few events where we worship and celebrate a woman. Help us to celebrate this Durga Puja with a fresh new thought while paying our homage to our rich cultures and traditions.

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